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The development of tourism in the United Arab Emirates was heavily linked to the development of tourism in Dubai, which was one of the earliest emirates in the country to open for tourists. In 1989 the Dubai Commerce and Tourism Promotion Board was established, to promote Dubai as a luxury destination for the up-tier market and influential business sectors. This was later followed by other emirates as well, and the country’s tourist industry thus started.

At our core, we are travelers. We have gone far away and returned all changed over and over again. Through our travels we have become the people we are, and through our ongoing adventures we are still becoming ourselves. 7 Sands partner is our intent to share that experience with you, and with everyone who travels with us. 

Through our decades of traveling the world, we have discovered the stories of UAE and the 7 states of the Emirates: Traveling the endearing deserts and the Megalopolis where every adventure can be turned into reality. What we’ve found is that as we travel the world, we discover our stories. Our wealth of experience ensures that you, the leisure and business traveler, reach your desired destination with confidence and ease. With a worldwide experience, we firmly believe that we have a unique edge in the UAE market.

There is one thing that remains the same and that is how good traveling makes you feel from the very moment that you decide to start planning a trip. We have never lost sight of this truth and know that how much we care about your travel arrangements is equally important as what we do, which is why we have built up a reputation over four decades as one of UAE’s most trusted and admired travel companies.